Virtual Learning Policy

Personal Belongings 

Toys and other personal belongings are not allowed in the center. The center will not be held responsible for items brought, without the center director’s knowledge.

Food & Snacks

Parents are responsible for providing children breakfast and lunch. The center will provide an afternoon snack.

Child Pickup Authorization 

Only the custodial parent(s) will have access to areas of the center. He/she must make the center’s director aware of his/her presence, prior to removing the child from the premises. If another individual is authorized to pick up your child, please inform the director. Also, inform the authorized individual that identification is required to pick up the child.

Program Termination 

It is the center’s goal that the resources and support provided to students will allow them to grow and prosper. However, if it is determined that your child is not benefiting from the program, you will be notified in writing and asked to make other arrangements for your child.

Inappropriate Behavior:

Smoking, alcoholic beverages, drug use, and profanity are not allowed in or on the premises of the center.

Library Items

Books and other educational materials, such as magazines, DVDs, and CDs are available for students to check out. However, students are responsible for the condition of materials that they have checked out. In the event of lost, stolen or damaged items, parents must then assume the responsibility to replace the item(s).


All students are responsible for their own school supplies. Please ensure that your child has the necessary materials to complete daily work and/or homework.

Safety Drills 

Every child will participate in fire and tornado drills. The drills are held each month.

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