CDA Assessment Fee Scholarships Available

Georgia early child care practitioners who have completed a preparation course and earned their 120 clock hours from a HOPE-eligible, SACS-accredited institution with an early childhood education program of study or any CDA course approved through the Georgia ECE Training Approval System are eligible to apply for a $425.00 CDA Assessment Fee Scholarship. Bright from the Start will pay $400 of the $425 to the Council on behalf of approved SCHOLARSHIPS applicants.  CDA candidates approved by SCHOLARSHIPS will only have to pay $25.00.  The $25.00 will be reimbursed to them if and when they present their CDA credential to the SCHOLARSHIPS program and continue to meet the eligibility requirements.  In addition, they can earn a $100 support stipend if they present  an updated  Professional Development Registry Profile reflecting the award date of their CDA credential, an “Active” Status and Career Level “4″ to the SCHOLARSHIPS program (instructions attached).

To download SCHOLARSHIPS Application, click here

To download Affidavit for Lawful Presence Verification Form, click here

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