10 Hour Training Package Option 1


Georgia Bright from the Start (BFTS) Approved. Training offered in an online/distance learning format. This course is available in both English and Spanish.

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Training Option 1 Package includes:

Committment to Professionalism

  • Conflict Resolution for Adults (.1 CEU/1Hour)
  • Ethics and Ethical Behavior (.2 CEU/2 Hours)
  • Stress Management (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
  • Time Management (.1 CEU/1 Hour)

Enhancement of Social and Emotional Development

  • Childhood Anger and Anger Management (.1 CEU/1 Hour)

Observing and Recording Progress and Behaviors of Children

  • Behavior Management for School-Age Children (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
  • Behavior Management for Young Children (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
  • Positive Solutions for Challenging Behaviors (.2 CEU/2 Hours)


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