CDA Prep Binder for Home Visitor


Give yourself a head start on this important requirement of the Home Visitor CDA process!



This new CDA Prep Binder for Home Visitor is assembled according to the new, revised second edition of The Child Development Associate Assessment System and Competency Standards booklet for Home Visitors from The Council for Professional Recognition. This new edition was just released in January, 2012 and will not be affected by the new CDA 2.0 changes. Part of the CDA process for Home Visitors is assembling a Professional Resource File. This involves writing an autobiography, composing 6 Competency Goal Statements, and collecting 17 resource items. Binder is set up with labeled dividers and page protectors, ready to load with your Autobiography, the 6 Competency Goal Statements, and the resource collection. There’s even a section provided for your formal resume of formal education and work experiences.


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