CDA 2.0 Binder for Infant/Toddler


Ready to load! This binder is highly portable, keeps everything inside, and is easy for the Professional Development Specialist to review.



As part of the CDA 2.0 credentialing process, candidates must put together a collection of materials of their work with young children and their families. Assembling the Professional Portfolio can be a cumbersome task and the Council of Professional Recognition leaves  it up to the candidate to decide on a way to keep all of the items together. With the eSource Professional Portfolio Binder, we do it all for you as the binder is custom-made and organized especially for you! Available in both English and Spanish. This organized, time-saving binder includes:

  1. Quality 2″ three-ring View Binder
  2. Labeled Dividers
  3. Labeled Page Protectors for each item of the Resource Collection, Statements of Competence, and the Professional Philosophy Statement.

Additional information

Weight 0.38555351 kg
Dimensions 11 × 3 × 11.5 cm


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