Virtual Learning Policy


Parents are required to give two weeks advanced notice if a child is to be permanently withdrawn from the program or two weeks tuition, if notice is not given. Parents will receive two weeks notice, if the center cannot provide service for your child. If you prepay, and withdraw your child from the program without a two weeks notice, no refund will be allowed.

Inclement Weather Delay & Cancellation

In the event of inclement weather, EduFirst Technical Academy will follow Fayette County School System weather-related closings and/or delays. Information will be shared with parents, and students through this website, through text messaging system alerts, and posted to our social media page (Facebook).

If there is an extended closure of 3 or more days, tuition will be assessed at a prorated rate based on the number of days closed.  A written financial statement reflecting prorated amount which is due no later than 3 school days after reopening. Closures of 2 days or less, full weekly tuition is due the day EduFirst TA reopens and will be assessed late fees for each day after.

Parental Responsibility

Sick children will not be allowed to remain in the center. Parents will be called immediately and should advise the staff on the necessary actions to take. We will assist you, as much as possible.

Health Notification

In the event of a communicable disease, parents and/or guardians will be promptly notified and urged to contact their family physician to obtain specific medical care advice. Children with such diseases are not allowed to attend the center.

Child Illness 

Your child will not be accepted or allowed in the center, if he/she has a temperature of 101 degrees or higher, and/or any other contagious symptoms, such as, but not limited to: a rash, diarrhea or sore throat. Should these conditions occur, the center will contact you and require you to pick up your child within one hour.

Medical Release Form 

A medical release form is required for the center to administer medicine(s) to your child. The medication must adhere to the following criteria: prescribed by a doctor and have its original prescription label from the pharmacy. We will not give your child over the counter medication.

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